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Kingsley International Education Group


Kingsley's Educational Philosophy
The purpose of education is the well-being of children, for their own happiness and to serve others. Knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing. While knowledge may be a door that opens the path to wisdom, it is not, in itself, wisdom.

The key element to be found in the joy of schooling is the quality of the relationship between the teacher and the student, namely the teacher’s sense of care for the student, the teacher’s efforts to appreciate and develop the unique character and potential of each child.

That is the nature of people-centred education. People are shaped by people. There is no good educational process without life-to-life interaction and inspiration. Education is not a mere injection of knowledge, but a thorough educational process that nurtures wisdom to enable the individual's potential to bloom.

The Kingsley campus, promotes student-centered education.

A student-centered educational philosophy inevitably calls for the transformed roles of the teacher. Teachers should not be masters who offer themselves as paragons, but lifelong learning partners in the discovery of knowledge and ideal models for students. The teachers should be the ones who listen and offer guidance to children who seek learning. Teachers at Kingsley are dedicated to their students’ wellbeing, not just authority figures.

In our Kingsley campus, we emphasise on a close student-teacher relationship, working on each student’s unique capacity to learn, to grow and to create value in their lives. We also emphasise fostering life-affirming values, regarding world peace and encouraging students to lead lives that contribute towards the general good.

In the Kingsley campus, we aim to bring back the joy of schooling!

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各位妈妈,或者是住subang, Putra Heights的妈妈/姐妹。。有没有听过这间学校?
他们要办国际学校“Upcoming Kingsley International School“

看了网站里面,我对他们的"SMART Board" 教学很感兴趣

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回复 2# charmmie01

我朋友说如果真的建的话就好快快在那里买间屋子,等它建好时屋价一定起,像setia eco park这样。

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回复 3# issacmimi

我看那的网站资料,好像已经开始起了吧,如果没看错,2013年international sch campus正式启用哦。。
有8到他们的老师素质好不好? 现在在店面的,是私人学校?不是国际学校对吧?

看这个:The campus with its eco-friendly architectural design is surrounded by green trees on a prominent hill site that is One Beverly Hills in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya, Selangor. The international school with its capacity to accommodate 2000 students will commence its first intake by August 2013. The transit campus located at Kingsley House @ 12 & 12A Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/8E, Putra Heights will be in full operation by the 1st June 2011.

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putra height 周围还蛮多树木的。。环境是不错。 你是住首邦的?
我比较喜欢学校环境多树木, 空气好,比较有校园的气息。。

issacmimi 发表于 2011-5-13 14:50:20

回复 8# charmmie01

我住pj,在shah alam上班,很靠近putra heights。但是要建学校附近只看到山,没什么树,可能正在开发吧。旧的地区就有很多树了。

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回复 9# issacmimi

哦,是这样啊。那么你每次载孩子一起上班,然后放他到putra height的nursery?

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